Case Study in Losing Market Value- Schlitz in 1970’s

It’s taken decades for the Schlitz beer to return to its former glory, if only in taste. Sadly, market share was destroyed in the 1970’s.

Here’s an article discussing how Schlitz started and what led to its virtual demise.

For American style beers, I find Schlitz better than the others.

It used to be brewed in Winston-Salem along with Stroh’s on the southside.

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Treatment of boxwood blight in NC

If you appreciate your boxwoods as much as I do, be aware there is a fungal blight attacking the boxwoods in Surry County and in Winston-Salem.

Tips include making sure air can circulate through the boxwoods. Clean your clippers before moving to a new boxwood.

My unproven theory on the spread: lawnmowing crews carry the fungs from yard to yard on their equipment.

Below is a good article in the Winston-Salem Journal about the blight and care for the bushes.

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247th Easter Sunrise Service (Moravian Church Southern Province)

The 247th Easter Sunrise with the Moravian Church inspired. Here are a few photographs courtesy of the Winston-Salem Journal

For Information on the service, visit the Salem Congregation (SC is part of the Moravian Church Southern Province)

Training for Artists & Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Heard an interesting talk about the Kenan Institute for the Arts. This organization works in partnership with UNC School of the Arts (UNCSA).

Focus on training and generating Creative Leaders, Creative Catalysts, and Creative Communities.

Fellowships offered. A certificate for on-line studies offered too.

New ideas plus learning how to cultivate and produce the idea will lead to advances for the whole community. Kenan Institute is for persons in Winston-Salem and beyond.

For more information:

Image: Space on Ryder Farm

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Barton Baldwin Forensic Accountant – Forensic Auditing



In need of a forensic accounting,

Contact Barton Baldwin, CPA


Mt. Olive, Raleigh, Clinton NC (last viewed this website was old school).

In one investigation, Barton Baldwin discovered large accounting irregularities for a bank that others missed.

He confesses that he enjoys forensic accounting. Mr. Baldwin is a practicing CPA in the Eastern part of North Carolina.

Tell him Kirk Sanders sent you.

Wachovia Historical Society – Annual Meeting 2018

123rd Annual Meeting

October 16, 2018

7:00pm preludes

7:30pm meeting

Free and open to the public

Dr. Kevin Cherry, Deputy Secretary of NC Department of Natural & Cultural Resources will give a talk about how the Town of Salem fits into the broader historical context of North Carolina (the Colony) in 1766.

For more visit or follow us on Facebook

This is the oldest historical society in NC and one of the oldest in the nation (founded in 1895).

The Society has published a number of books.

Caregiver Support Group- Adult Children of Aging Parents


If you have aging parents, you may well be their caregiver, providing medical, emotional, and/or financial support.

Recognizing that that the caregivers need resources, support, information, and community, ACAP Winston-Salem (Adult Children of Aging Parents) is formed.

The first monthly program is Sept. 18, 2018 at Knollwood Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall, Bldg B. 5:30-7:00. Meetings will be the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

To Register (no cost) email acapwinstonsalem or leave a msg at 336-652-0474

Ann McMan Romance/Humor Author


Author Ann McMan writes good humor. There doesn’t seem to be good humorous novels these days.

She has a much beloved Jericho novel series which is set in Southwest Virginia.

Personally, I love her novel, Backcast, and would pit it against any on the New York Times Best Sellers’ list.

Recently she interviewed for Lisa O’Donnell in the Winston-Salem Journal. That interview is here:

She’s received numerous writing awards, including a silver medal by the Independ Publisher Awards (IPPYs) for Backcast, an IPPY bronze for Goldenrod.

For more information on where to by Ann’s books, go to her site at:

Or visit her publisher’s site for her books at:

She’s a top seller on Amazon.

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How Planting Wildflowers Could Reduce the Need for Pesticides

Article on alternatives to pesticides using Wildflowers

NC Cooperative Extension has plants to plant in North Carolina:

For whole article go here:

How Planting Wildflowers Could Reduce the Need for Pesticides

“Could wildflowers become the new, natural way to reduce pesticides? Find out how farmers have planted tailored strips of wildflowers to attract pest-eating insects as a means of reducing the need for pesticides.

While driving through the fields of Switzerland, you may come across neatly tailored stripes of bright red poppies or radiant blue cornflowers planted amongst the crops in the countryside. Beautiful as they may be, these wildflowers serve as a practical, environmentally-forward approach to agriculture that may hold the answer to reducing pesticides for good.

Swiss farmers, instead of using pesticides, have opted for a more natural way of preventing insects from infecting their crops. Their answer? Wildflowers. Scientists, working with farmers, have discovered a technique that uses tailored sections of wildflowers to attract pest-eating insects, reducing the need to use pesticides to protect crops.

The concept first came about as a result of work undertaken by Swiss researchers, Matthias Albrecht and Matthias Tschumi. Their research comes as a result of a growing public demand and political pressure to reduce pesticide use due to its harmful effects on human health and the environment.”

For more google “Wildflowers as pesticides”

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Band Classes – Tuesday Nights – Winston-Salem

Free band classes taught by Robah Ogburn & Connie Merritt.

Start Tuesdays after Labor Day

Location: Home Moravian Church Choir Room (back of the church)

529 S. Church St. in Old Salem

6:30pm for beginners

7:30pm for 2nd years and beyond

4th Graders through adults welcome. It’s never too late to learn. Many folks have learned to play band instruments (brass & woodwinds) in these classes.

Great opportunities to play in the Moravian bands throughout the community.

For more see:

We’ve been doing this for a while (Picture: Home Moravian Easter Band circa 1903)

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