How Planting Wildflowers Could Reduce the Need for Pesticides

Article on alternatives to pesticides using Wildflowers

NC Cooperative Extension has plants to plant in North Carolina:

For whole article go here:

How Planting Wildflowers Could Reduce the Need for Pesticides

“Could wildflowers become the new, natural way to reduce pesticides? Find out how farmers have planted tailored strips of wildflowers to attract pest-eating insects as a means of reducing the need for pesticides.

While driving through the fields of Switzerland, you may come across neatly tailored stripes of bright red poppies or radiant blue cornflowers planted amongst the crops in the countryside. Beautiful as they may be, these wildflowers serve as a practical, environmentally-forward approach to agriculture that may hold the answer to reducing pesticides for good.

Swiss farmers, instead of using pesticides, have opted for a more natural way of preventing insects from infecting their crops. Their answer? Wildflowers. Scientists, working with farmers, have discovered a technique that uses tailored sections of wildflowers to attract pest-eating insects, reducing the need to use pesticides to protect crops.

The concept first came about as a result of work undertaken by Swiss researchers, Matthias Albrecht and Matthias Tschumi. Their research comes as a result of a growing public demand and political pressure to reduce pesticide use due to its harmful effects on human health and the environment.”

For more google “Wildflowers as pesticides”

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Band Classes – Tuesday Nights – Winston-Salem

Free band classes taught by Robah Ogburn & Connie Merritt.

Start Tuesdays after Labor Day

Location: Home Moravian Church Choir Room (back of the church)

529 S. Church St. in Old Salem

6:30pm for beginners

7:30pm for 2nd years and beyond

4th Graders through adults welcome. It’s never too late to learn. Many folks have learned to play band instruments (brass & woodwinds) in these classes.

Great opportunities to play in the Moravian bands throughout the community.

For more see:

We’ve been doing this for a while (Picture: Home Moravian Easter Band circa 1903)

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Party Bar – Tailgating Services – Topshelf Co.

If your company is ready to up it’s game for a tailgate or corporate events, time to call Topshelf Company

With years of hospitality services experience for corporate events nationwide, Topshelf can handle your needs.

Call Brian Efird 336-918-1135 to make your event one to be remembered.

More photos of the Party Bar here:

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North Carolina Barbecue Society & NC BBQ Map

If you love North Carolina barbecue like I do, check out this site:

There’s also a link to the hallowed Barbecue Trail.

Use this as you cross the state

Jim Early, founder of the society, authored the book on NC BBQ: The Best Tar Heel Barbecue Manteo to Murphy.

Enjoy some wood smoked Q, banana pudding or cobbler, and slaw.

As they say about barbecue in NC: “If it ain’t wood smoked, then it’s just roasted pork”.

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BBQ personal visits on the above trail:

Wilber’s (Goldsboro), Hursey’s (Burlington), Stamey’s (Greensboro), Hill’s (Winston-Salem), Real Q (formerly known as Little Richards on Country Club Rd.)(Winston-Salem), Speedy Lohr’s (Arcadia), Smiley’s & the Barbecue Center (both in Lexington)

Not on the list that I like: Lexington Barbecue, love banana pudding at Mr. Barbecue (Winston-Salem), Parkers Barbecue (Wilson- I’ve only had the pleasure of the catered Q).

Since I loaded this site, I’ve added Red Bridges (Shelby) (July 2018). Also ate at Alston Bridges in Shelby (June 2018). Both Bridges learned barbecue from Stamey’s in Greensboro. Alston Bridges still uses the Stamey’s method. Red Bridges made variations to its bbq.

It’s not on the list, but check out Thigs in Jacksonville, NC. Ate there in May of 2018

Triad Movie Shifting Gears



Triad North Carolina resident, Keith Harris, wrote and starred in Shifting Gears. This is a movie about an overworked Dad who reaches the glass ceiling in a big box retail company, heads home to resurrect the family business, then runs headlong into his nemesis. He join forces with an old Dirt Track racer, Dirty Harry Hawkins, to save the business and his family.

Starring John Ratzenberger, C. Thomas Howell, M. Emmett Walsh, and Adam Hicks.

In select studios. Go to for more about the movie and where it’s playing.

Hendrick Bryant Nerhood Sanders & Otis LLP

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Solar Panel Contractor North Carolina


In February 2018 Jeff Redwine at Renewable Energy Design Group spoke to a civic group to which I belong.

Jeff owns the business and is a Solar Energy Specialist.

He knowledgeably discussed solar energy installations on houses and buildings. It was informative to learn about the different tiers, those who sell their excess energy back to Duke Energy during the day for a credit on their bill vs. off the grid users and more. Government tax credits for installation also discussed. Return on investment.

He’s NABCEP certified and is a general and electrical contractor.

Call Jeff at 877-520-7652 if you are looking to install solar energy panels on your residence or commercial building. is their company page.

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Bee Swarm in Tall Tree

The dreaded Small Hive Beetle has menaced my hives all season. The bottom photograph shows the extent of the damage. After both hive absconded I froze the frames in the freezer, albeit a slow process with limited space in our freezer. This costed my bees with at least 4 boxes of honey. I hope to put these back in hives that I caught.

One of my hives settled in a new bee box I set in another area of my yard. I used Swarm Commander to lure them there. Swarm Commander has proven over and over a great tool in catching a new swarm.

But the photos of this huge swarm from my strongest hive still hasn’t come down or settled anywhere in over one week. Yes 8 nights, including a couple light rains, and it’s still there. I’m pretty sure it’s growing. I’d bet it’s building comb, right out in the open. 70’ above ground in an oak tree.

I first noticed this swarm Monday evening as I came out to grill. I heard that sound that first makes one think it’s a helicopter, but a bee keeper quickly realizes is a mass of bees flying in a frenzy. By the end of my grilling it made a sizeable clump on the tree. Approximately 1 ½ feet long.

Try as I may, it won’t come down. Well, as long as it doesn’t swarm into a neighbor’s yard and get everyone riled up, I’m fine with it finding a home. It’s a strong hive if it comes your way. Was extremely busy all spring and summer.

Now to find a solution to kill the SHB larvae in the ground. One dealer was out of Star Gard, which I planned to drench the ground around the old hive location.

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NC Wildlife Commission Debunks Hellbender Bounty Rumor


NC Wildlife Commission Debunks Hellbender Bounty Rumor. It doesn’t exist. In fact, this rare species of salamander is on a protected list. Classified as a ‘species of special concern’. It’s a misdemeanor to harass, remove, injure or kill. If you see one of these in our cold, freshwater, mountain streams, enjoy watching it. In fact, let the Wildlife Commission know where you spotted it. GPS coordinates are requested, if possible.



This is an amazing salamander. It’s one of the biggest salamander species, if not the biggest. For photographs and more, go to:

Figure 1Hellbender Salamander

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Compelling Production of Will in NC


Two articles addressing the topic of Last Wills and Testaments not being produced to the Clerk:

When someone in possession of a Last Will & Testament refuses to file the will with the Clerk or deliver it to the named executor:

Petition to Probate a Lost Will:

NC Estate Litigation Attorneys

Call 336-723-7200

Log Cabin Builder North Carolina



Whether it’s your vacation lodge or primary log home, call builder Kevin Nunn (336-751-6180) at Bear Creek Log Homes, for your log cabin, log home, or lodge needs.

Kevin received awards as Log Home of America’s builder. He has built approximately 200 log homes in his over twenty year career as a general contractor.

Whether you are in Blowing Rock, Davie, Boone, Forsyth County and beyond, call Kevin. His experience and workmanship count.

For more information on his site plans or a tour of his log homes, go to:

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