#1– For the last 20 years I’ve questioned the excessive pay of Large Corporation executives. When these executives make short term strategies to boost their returns and their bonus packages they are not looking out for the long term viability of the corporation and thus its shareholders, which are you and me. Their pay is exponentially out of whack with what they should earn. Now I have no problem with a corporate executive who created and built a company into a profitable enterprise from reaping vast rewards. However, most of the corporate raiders/executives are nothing but corporatocrats who “manage” the existing corporation. Half the time their actions drive the corporations into bankruptcy or the take-ver fodder. Then there is the issue that most (99.99%) lack no proper checks and balances between the executive/CEO & the board that’s supposed to oversee the CEO. *NOTE: As a result of making a statement like this I seriously doubt I’ll ever be chosen to be on a publicly traded board.

#2 Now for OCCUPY. Ok. So on one level there’s a lot to agree with their position on its face (I use the term position lightly). I agree with some points on the corporate excess (see #1 above). But the way the Occupiers protest and behave leaves me questioning their motives or the underlying motives of the people that are using the pawns on the street.
By example– the Black Friday planned protests. Sure. Most sane people would agree that Black Friday is ludicrous. However, listen to the Occupy protesters (taken from Winston-Salem Journal’s Assoc. Press article):
Inconsistent? Ed Fallon, Occupy Organizer in Des Moines: “we don’t want to guilt trip people at the mall. We wanted to get at them in a ‘playful, friendly way, to support local businesses’.” Really? You’re going to protest excess at the mall. Meanwhile the occupiers are going to wander around the aisles of retailers pretending to be zombies. It would seem your intention is to makes anyone with an IQ above nitwit self evaluate and wonder “Am I a Retail Sheep being brainwashed?”
There were more statements that the protesters don’t want to take away money from the working class majority. Hmmm, and yet you are against retail? So are the Occupy folks saying there are NO working class folks working retail jobs?  Occupy is protesting the retail businesses of which many in the working class rely to feed, pay rent, and cover their healthcare expenses.
Then there was another article today describing the costs to municipalities for cleaning, repairing property and policing the Occupy protest camps. So far estimates are around $13 million (up to Thanksgiving). That’s the tax payers burden. 
The big question: What is Occupy’s real agenda? What do they want to accomplish? Income equality is one statement I’ve heard. As much as I dislike the corporate excess pay in #1 above, at the same time if you create income equality you stifle innovation. We become a bureaucracy. Not something for which our Founding Fathers fought or designed this republic. Who’s going to have the motivation to improve the products we need as well as enjoy? Who will desire to work out the logitstics of manufacturing and transporting? Who’s going to want to open and close retail stores to purchase your items? 
Innovation. Hard work. Charity. That should be our focus.