Drove MGB from Winston-Salem to Cary to Zebulon to Cary and back today. Went to CLE in Cary and took a side trip to visit the Austin Healey in Zebulon. It was good to hear it run. 

I think I only passed two sets of cars one being a line of school buses. The other a pickup carrying oversized load. 301miles in one day. In a 1962 convertible. It only has 4 gears. No radio (that’s the way I like them).

I swear that if everyone had to drive cars that aren’t so finessed as modern cars, no one would commute. Imagine no cruise control, road noise so loud you can’t hear people on your cell phone, the occasional whiff of gasoline. 

Interestingly, I find that I drive with the window down even in cold weather and it’s nice. It would be uncomfortable in the family van or other modern car.