The Seven Deadly Sins rears it head again. (See below for the rest of the mortal list).

Two lawsuits [ONE FOR EACH BUTTOCK?] have been filed over the death of a Las Vegas woman in a botched plastic surgery operation on her buttocks. [SOMEONE TELL ME HOW THIS IS DONE? DO THEY ADD SUPPORTS TO MAKE THEM PROJECT OUT? Just when I thought I’d heard everything. Next someone will have foot plastic surgery. ]

Authorities say the Columbian couple that performed the surgery was operating an illegal medical practice in Las Vegas [WAIT A MINUTE, THE WOMAN WENT TO SEE UNLICENSED MEDICAL PROVIDERS FOR HER SURGERY–THERE IS A HUGE “ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK” DEFENSE COMING IN THE ANSWER. And they went to see a couple. A couple? A couple of what is the question. I can only hear: “Mr. and Mrs. Smith will see you now.” That should have been her first informed consent warning].

The victim died after an “unusual reaction” to lidocaine, the Las Vegas Review Journal Reports. The defendants are currently serving four to eight years in prison for the woman’s death.  

source: Francis McCabe, Las Vegas Review Journal  01/04/2012

Read Article: Las Vegas Review Journal    

What else is one of the Seven Deadly Sins (a/k/a the Cardinal Vices)


Uh, there are nine of these sins. Interestingly, did you know there are demons associated with each of the ‘7’ deadly sins?