I‘ve just closed a file for a client who had a licensing board complaint. It was baseless, in my opinion, and I was proven correct today.


The particular investigation into my client was finally reported closed and the complaint without merit.


So what does that mean for someone else who receives one of these complaints? Baseless or not you:

1)      Have to respond to the complaint in timely fashion.

2)      Cooperate with your license board investigator.

3)      Keep good records.


If you receive notice of a complaint being filed against you, contact us to discuss your response.

Face it and get it done.


By the way, it took one year for the licensing board to make its final determination.


It’s your license, which means it’s your livelihood. We will represent you in the administrative hearings also.


*This result is not indicative of all results. Facts and laws affect each case differently.


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