I know there are some that will argue, but this is my personal opinion. 1999 was the best year for movies. Perhaps I could hedge and say, ok, best year for concepts in movies.

Why? Let’s look at just a few:

American Beauty – work of art. Alan Ball screenwriter. Screenwriters never get any credit. Kevin Spacey locked himself in as a stud actor, especially after his role in the Usual Suspects back in ‘94 or ’95.

Fight Club – Yeah, it was hard to stomach, but pretty daggum intense. What a concept. Don’t want to blow the ending, so all I’ll say is ‘whoa’.

The Matrix- This movie blew me away. I remember thinking as I watched the first half that it’s going to change movies. When Neo is faced with taking the blue or red pills. Crazy concept too.

Being John Malkovich- wacky and crazy. Funny too.

Sixth Sense—great screenplay. Tight. I’d love to see M Knight make something as good as this again.

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Cinematography ruled this. Guy Ritchie became my favorite director with this. In my mind it’s in the Class of ’99, but it was officially released in the UK in ’98. It has a smoking soundtrack too.


As for concepts, I wish I could lump Memento with the Class of ’99, but it was released in 2000. Made my head hurt after the movie was completed.


As for the rest of 1999, I didn’t care much for Magnolia. Some think it was hot stuff. I endured watching it. Matt Dillon and his story was the best part.

Star Wars I came out. Could have been great but Jar-Jar made me nauseous. I’m still going to go see the 3D release.


Not in the list of ‘greats’ but worth mentioning:

Office Space—funny.

Talented Mr. Ripley—over rated. I completely missed the story.

I tend to run from art house flicks. Run Lola Run—admit I never saw it.

I know I need to see Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. Not sure why I haven’t. I’ll put it in the Queue.