Having trouble with an employee? Continually missing work? Coming in late? Bad performance?

If an employee is doing something improper or that you deem objectionable, as described above, then give them a WRITTEN WARNING. Have them sign receipt of the warning, if they refuse, then note “refused” on the document. Give employee a copy and the employer should keep the original (in a safe, restricted place).

This helps two fold: 1) It can correct that problem with the employee & 2) It will help protect you against future action.

Incidentally, it also lets the employee know that you mean business.


INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: If you hired a person as an independent contractor AND NOT as an employee, then you better get the agreement in writing.

Better verify that they’re an Independent Contractor, see more at http://www.kirksanderslaw.com/blog/independent-contractor-or-employee-look-irs-factor-test-keep-you-out-trouble-attorney-336724-47

Don’t let this come back and bite you. Make it clear. Put it in writing. Meet the test. You don’t want to get hit with an unexpected ESC (employment security commission) claim.


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