Picture by Kirk Sanders of Stuffed Cabbage, Pintos, Mac and Cheese. ©2012

Ate at Big Mama’s Soul Food located at the corner of Acadia Ave. & S. Broad Street.

This was in the location of the former Acadia Grill. The hallowed Acadia Grill was my favorite dive for more than a decade. May it rest in peace.

The food at Big Mama’s was pretty good. It’s buffet style. Meat & Two Vegetables (with corn bread or biscuit) is $6.99. Drink is extra ($1.79—which must be their profit center). They also serve a 3 vegetable plate.

I spotted a cobbler for dessert. I didn’t have room to partake. Banana Pudding is listed as a dessert option too.

Over the next few Winston-Salem dive blogs I’ll explore what is the essence of a local dive. Feel free to suggest any ideas or comments.

There will be a ranking standard. I’m thinking of using butter sticks rather than spoons or stars.

Big Mama’s scored a random bonus because there was a mullet sighting caddy corner from the restaurant. Mullet dude was mowing the lawn with classic tight curl mullet complemented by mustache and tank top.

Bon appétit, Kirk Sanders