There I was pumping gas. Next stop was home for quick lunch. Then I looked over the pump and like an oasis in the Sahara, there she was: The Diner. No more excuses needed. I’m eating out.

The Diner is located near the intersection of Country Club Road and Gordon Drive in the Twin-City. Address is 108 Gordon Dr.

Serving breakfast and lunch. It has a regular menu and a buffet.

I ordered from the buffet. Choice of meat loaf, country style steak, and tenderloin. I chose the country style steak with fried apples & pintos covered with spoonful of onions–I have a deposition after lunch (sinister laugh). Comes with choice of breads AND drink for $6.49.

Price was very good. Food was courtesy of service provider. I’d like a little bit more homemade feel to the country style steak. They offered bowl of onions to cover the beans. That’s a plus. I’ll come back and order off the menu. I also like you can sit at a counter too.

The Diner has a local set of regulars. I know some folks that religiously eat breakfast before their weekly golf game.

I find that I gravitate to the meat and 2 lunches. Back in school I was the same way. All the ‘cool’ kids went through the junk food line and dropped $5.00 on crummy pizza and bag of chips. I went through the lunch lady line and ate we the regular folks for $1.10. Always fed well. Thank you Reynolds High School lunch ladies of the mid to late 80’s.