Went to small claims court with landlord to evict some folks who failed to pay rent for 2 ½ months. They paid ½ of March rent.

Landlord lost his April hearing in small claims court, so he hired me to take care of business.

Tenants tried all sorts of the standard excuses.

Doesn’t beat the main one: you had a lease, you failed to pay the rent, you were given 10 days notice to cure (NC Law), you failed to cure.

Do I feel bad doing my part to boot these deadbeats from the rental unit? No.

Why not? Because my landlord client pays his mortgage on the unit, meanwhile these tenants stiffed him for $1600. Plus by the time the 10 day appeal period runs and we do the Lockout, they’ll keep him from getting a full months rent in June. No pay, no stay. Why do folks think they can live places for free?

Word to the wise: Choose your tenants wisely. Do a background check on them. Get security deposit money up front & see if it clears your bank. Cancel utilities in your name before they move in. Have a well drafted lease (the Sanders Law Firm Lease has withstood the test of Court).