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Thinking of selling a high priced item on eBay? Here are a couple of things to consider:
1) Require that your bidders have a positive eBay history. Example: I listed my classic 1962 MGB on eBay. Some spammer or jokester outbid my topbidder by $100 then tried to scam me. The "top bidder" had no bid history and ruined what would have been a successful listing. I was over my reserve.
2) Payments with Paypal. Note this hasn't been personally verified, but have some disclaimer in your listing that buyer bears the risk of damage during shipping and takes in "as-is" condition. I've heard examples (note not verified) that Paypal process says if product is damaged that the recipient can have their funds returned. How do you handle product being returned? What if Buyer damaged the product? How do you prove? Get insurance for the delivery from the carrier. I also had this occur. Thankfully I had insurance and transferred to a cooperative buyer to recupe.
3) Terms of Sale: Put in your listing your terms (how paid, condition, etc). And give proper disclosure of defects.
4) Receipts & paypal: when I sold an item that was for pick-up only. I had the buyer sign an acknowledgement they received the product and the date and the terms of the sale were completed. In essence a bill of sale. When you mail items, require the purchaser to sign for the delivery.
Good luck.