Here are a couple of personal property items the Forsyth County Sheriff will be selling this month:

1- 12/21/11 at Noon at 1202 Fairchild in Winston-Salem– 2007 Bobcatt T300 track loader. VIN 532015904 (Colonial Pacific v. Mario Flores 10 CVS 4649)

2- 12/07/11 at Noon at 1202 Fairchild in Winston-Salem- 1992 Ford Super Wagon (Colonial Pacific v. Mario Flores 10 CVS 4649)

Remember: got to bring cash or cashier checques or some mix of the two. You can’t leave and go to the bank and return. 

Caveat: you are purchasing items at Sheriff’s sales subject to any liens (bank loans, taxes, etc.). A lot of people make the mistake thinking they automatically are getting clear title. Do your own due diligence or buy it at a ridiculous price that you can walk away from.

Sometimes you can get a good deal. Be savvy.

I appear at these sales for out-of-county or out-of-county collection attorneys or collection creditors and bid.

Kirk Sanders, Collection Attorney 336-724-4707