Always make sure your tree man is insured and bonded. You’ll have serious homeowner insurance issues otherwise if a tree or branch falls on a building or house.

Also, get it quoted in writing before the cutting begins.

This is a tree man I use a lot for house and rental properties- James Redmon 336-749-5197 (Tree Cutter). His price is incredible. *Note: I recommend him but you are responsible for your own due diligence. Ask tree cutters for referrals. RULE: Don’t pay until the job is done unless you work an arrangement to pay as certain portions of jobs are completed.

He cleared a ton of brush and small trees from my yard this Fall. This picture is one of 3 piles hauled away & the picture is taken at an angle. It was a huge pile that was 5 feet tall. The City Brush Removal Service loved us.

If the tree or brush is along a property line, talk to your neighbor in advance. Trees that have trunks on both sides of the line are jointly owned. 

Never cut down a neighbor’s tree without permission. There’s a statute that awards treble damages for the value of the tree.

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