In North Carolina Corporations and LLC’s (limited liability companies) have until APRIL 15th to file the annual report with the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Annual report fee for corporation is $30.

Annual report fee for LLC is $200.

Go to to look up your company. You can download a pre-populated annual report from the search of your business entity.

The Sec. of State loves to reject your annual report, so make sure addresses and telephone numbers are written on to the form before sending.


NOTE: Corporations (Inc., Corp., etc.) need to also have annual meeting of the shareholders and directors. The form described above does not qualify as the annual meeting. There better be good minutes to reflect this meeting. The lawyers at Sanders Law Firm, PLLC (336) 724-4707 will draft these for you.


Don’t settle for Legalzoom and put yourself personally at risk, when you can hire an attorney for a fee that isn’t that much more.