Surviving beneficiaries of one of the four elderly passengers killed filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver and his trucking employer, Panama Transfer Inc.

The Wrongful Death Complaint  alleges that both the trucking company and its driver, Kenneth Eugene Snow Jr., of negligence because of Snow’s collision with a car driven by Arlene Laughlin. The complaint alleges that Snow admitted running a red light at a the intersection. All 4 passengers in the car died as a result of the crash.

The Complaint filed by Bannister’s estate and three children allege that Snow’s acts showed “willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others using the same roads as Panama’s trucks.”

The lawsuit also alleges repeated problems with leaky brake connections on Panama trucks, as well as numerous other maintenance issues.

“Panama’s record for unsafe driving was worse than 64.1 percent of all federally authorized motor carriers between Dec. 16, 2009, and Dec. 16, 2011,” according  to court papers. Further, “Panama’s record for vehicle maintenance violations was worse than 71.4 percent of all federally authorized motor carriers between Dec. 16, 2009, and Dec. 16, 2011.”

The lawsuit seeks reimbursement for damages, including 1) hospital bills, 2) pain and suffering and the 3) diminished value of Bannister’s estate “had she lived out the term of her natural life.” Court papers also seek reimbursement to Bannister’s sons for “the loss of parental services and support, companionship, comfort, guidance, affection, aid and society, which losses will continue into the future.” In North Carolina, one could also ask for funeral bill reimbursements.

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