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In the early winter of 2011 we decided that the insulation in our attic was insufficient. This was pointed out by a contractor who said we basically had no insulation. After a bit of procrastination, we bit the bullet and had our attic blown. I compared our natural gas bills and summer electric bills from previous years and there was a dramatic difference in the amount we paid, even with variance in weather between the two years. For instance, in the summer before our attic was blown, I would notice our inside temperature would rise late into the night. Now it stays cooler throughout the day and night, the summer heat doesn’t seep into our house.

The installer we used was Carolina Home Performance (contact info below). They were knowledgeable and have been doing this for two generations in a  family owned business. We looked at several others. They explained that it would take a year or so to recoup the savings. I highly recommend. Also below is an example of the estimate they gave me.

Contact: Matt Marshall, Carolina Home Performance, Inc.

HERS Rater, NAHB Green Verifier, BPI Building Analyst, LEED AP





 Description of Improvements

Additional blown in fiberglass attic insulation for a cumulative R-38 insulating value.  Excludes insulating on top of floored section.  Includes a wooden barrier to keep insulation in place at edge of upper attic.  Includes insulating attic walls adjacent to conditioned space with R-19 batt insulation.   

Total price $XXXX

 Payment Terms

Payment upon completion.  Estimated time to complete is ½ day.

 Additional items which you may want to consider

Install rigid foam between framing at base of attic wall to prevent air leakage= $75

Install expanding foam around any plumbing and electrical penetrations= $45

Weather stripping around attic door= $40

 Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  If you would like to proceed with this work just let me know and we will schedule it.  Thanks again for the opportunity to provide an estimate for this work.