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For over a decade property owners in the path of the Northern Beltway have had a black mark on their real estate title.

The NC DOT designated their properties in the beltway corridor.

As a result they can’t sell their properties. This has also occurred in Raleigh/Triangle area too.

Only one firm stood up and fought for these property owners: Hendrick Bryant (336) 723-7200.

For the past couple of years Matthew Bryant and his firm have fought that this designation on the DOT is a ‘taking’ per the condemnation statute. In addition, they have litigated that this should be a class action matter. The class action certification was fought all the way to the N.C. Supreme Court in late August of 2013. http://www.wral.com/homeowners-in-dot-s-path-seek-legal-relief/12837256/

If you are a property owner in the Northern Beltway or affected in the Triangle/Raleigh area, call Hendrick Bryant. They were proactive in challenging the DOT that enough is enough. They told the DOT that if you are going to take a person’s property, you better pay for it.